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It is easy find a cheap dental clinic and have treatment done there, but nothing is more annoying and time-consuming than to travel back and forth to the clinic where you got the treatment and to cover all the additional costs of flight and accommodation when restorations fails in a relatively short time.

Thanks to our professional team, our state-of-the art dental clinic and equipment, and our reliable dental laboratory, at Dr Kostic we provide double guarantee for your treatment and dental work.

Guarantee at Dr Kostić

Guarantee period for dental treatments:

  • Tooth fillings, inlay and onlay 1 year
  • Crowns 3 year
  • Veneers 2 year
  • Overdentures 3 year
  • Removable tooth replacements 1 year
  • Implants (only the product) life-time guarantee

Guarantee conditions

  • The patient must take care of his/her teeth properly, and always follow the oral hygiene instructions of the treating dentist.
  • The patient must participate in the free controls required by his/her treating dentist (every 3 months, every 6 months or annually).
  • The patient must undergo the maintenance treatments recommended by his/her dentist (for example tartar removal, denture lining) no later than within 30 days.
  • The patient must use the tooth replacement properly; it must be exposed only to physiological chewing forces, which do not lead to excessive strain on the tooth replacement.
  • The tooth replacement must not be exposed to any trauma or bone and gum diseases.
  • All invoices must be settled.

The guarantee will be reduced or voided in case of the following:

  • If the patient fails to participate in the annual control examinations at Dr Kostić
  • If the tooth replacement is not cleaned properly, the patient does not take care of his/her teeth
  • Improper use of the tooth replacement, extreme forces greater than the physiological chewing force which lead to excessive strain on the tooth replacement
  • Problems deriving from poor nutrition and other bad habits
  • Mechanical damage to removable dentures (falling down, martial arts), chemical damage caused by chemical substances (concentrated alcohol, chemicals)
  • Disease of the chewing apparatus due to systemic, infectious and tumorous diseases, or due to the treatment of these. Consequences of accidents and emergency treatments performed after accidents
  • If oral hygiene is neglected
  • Problems deriving from physiological and other mental diseases
  • If the patient loses a great deal of weight over a short period of time
  • Notification of the damage to or deficiencies of the tooth replacement is given after more than 2 work days
  • The tooth requires a root canal treatment due to previous treatments (filling, crown preparation)
  • The tooth replacement is repaired by someone other than a dentist or dental technician of Dr Kostić
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