We use high quality materials which provide safe, comfortable and long lasting dental care. All materials we use are produced in EU, Switzerland, and USA and meet highest standards and certificates.


In Dr Kostic  Dental & Implant Centre we use implants that have prove track record for:

  •      Fast osseointegration (structural and functional connection between bone and implant)
  •      High treatment predictability
  •      High stability upon implantation
  •      Prevents inflammation of surrounding tissues
  •      Reduced healing time.

We use implant systems:

    Bredent – made in Germany

    Straumann – made in Switzerland


Our partner laboratories use high quality materials that provide long lasting and natural looking results: ITA VM 13, Zirconium HT, IPS e.max HT, VITASPAN® PLUS acrylic anterior teeth, VITA Physiodens® Denture Teeth, Candulor Preference® dentures.


Our composite brands are: GC, Kerr и 3M ESPE.


We use brands: 3M ESPE и Heraeus Kulzer.

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