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Patient’s safety is our priority! For that reason,  Dr Kostic Dental and Implant Centre uses highest standards of sterilization and hygiene which are at par with international standards. We use best safe practices and best in class sterilization methods which are taken care of by highly trained staff and doctors:

  • Our medical team is by law obliged to have health checks every three months. They are tested for any micro-organism that may put our patients at any risks. Nevertheless, during treatments our team wears disposable masks and gloves and they follow very strict hand hygiene procedures.
  • After each patient:

o    Dental chairs are cleaned immediately. Dental units are cleaned and disinfected after every single use with patient. Single-use disposable towels that contains high level disinfectants are used with our dental units during cleaning. The pre-selected high level disinfectant used at Dr Kostic clinic is tested and clinically certified.

o    Dental saliva ejector, protective clothing, gloves, surface covers, needles, syringe are disposed after each patient.

o    All reusable instruments are replaced by fully sterilesed ones. Used instruments are directed to sterilisation.

  • Reusable Dental instruments are scrubbed under running water and are sterilized in the autoclave under the temperature of 135 Celsius. Each sterilization is monitored and recorded according to international guidelines. We compile with CE certified International sterilization methods.
  • General or infectious waste is disposed in accordance to the local regulations.

Highest standards of sterilisation


Sterilization is the process that destroys all types and forms of micro-organisms including viruses, bacteria, fungi and bacterial endospores. Most common method of sterilization is the use of steam under pressure (Autoclave).

We use very reliable W&H Autoclave  made in Austria. The W&H Professional autoclave complies with EN 13060 European Standard requirements and provides a top level of sterilization to improve safety for patients. This type of autoclave sterilizers also complies with American Dental Association standards and is recommended especially for surgical procedures.

All reusable instruments are autoclaved in special sealed sterilization pouches, and opened just prior to treating our patients.

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