Our dentists and team are dedicated to continually provide you and your family with the highest available level of care. We strive to use advanced dental technology to make your dental experience as efficient, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible. We are very proud of technology at our disposal for your great dental experience!


3D/2D dental scanner

A 3D scan can help gain a better three-dimensional view of bone anatomy. 3D imaging system is an essential tool for identifying and analysing complex cases in implantology and dental surgery. These scans also support a wide range of diagnosis and treatment planning and increase the possibility of treatment success particularly when it comes to placing implants.

Low-radiation digital X-ray

Digital X-rays are faster and more comfortable than traditional X-rays, and studies have shown that they emit up to 90% less radiation. Because digital X-rays do not require any chemical processing, the results are available on our computer screen within seconds. Digital X-rays offer a huge advantage in early detection and preventive services.

Sirolaser Blue

SiroLaser Blue can be used for more than 20 different indications. In periodontics / endodontics  it is precious adjuvant to conventional therapy while in surgery and implantology completely replace it. Compared to conventional treatment methods, dental diode lasers are convincing due to their usually scar-free wound healing and improved germ reduction.  In addition, laser use means less postoperative pain and less medication.

Swiss produced dental chair with memory foam

Designed for the patient’s comfort with a memory foam, and equipped with the extensive selection of delivery units for precision dentistry and oral surgery.

IntraOral camera

An intraoral camera is an indispensable diagnostic and educational tool. The tiny video camera moves around inside of your mouth and generates a tooth by tooth video exam of your teeth. Using an intraoral camera allows patients to better understand their dental needs by seeing what the dentist sees and then having it explained.

Ultrasonic scaller

Scaling and root planning are a method of deep cleaning the teeth and gums. We offer ultrasonic scaling to remove stubborn plaque and stains from the teeth. The ultrasonic technology is more comfortable than traditional dental tools which scrape teeth.

Digital dental records

Our Dr Kostić dental office embraces modern technological advances such as digital patient files because they save time for our office staff as well as for our patients. Paperless technology allows us to pull up a patient’s dental charts quickly, giving our dentists and staff access to the patient’s records in real time. Access to digital files cuts back on the number of errors that occur throughout the year, while delivering an easy way to review a patient’s health and dental history quickly.

Autoclave to meet EU standards of sterilisation

Dental sterilizers are imperative to a dental practice. Our autoclave is latest technology produced in Austria.  All instruments are after washing placed in autoclave where  temperature is increased under pressure up to  135° —to completely sterilize instruments and equipment. This steam sterilization of various surgical tools and dental instruments is efficient and safe.

Piezo Surgery Mectron

Piezo surgery is a revolutionary young branch of surgery that has led to great advances in dentistry, making it easier for working in surgery and handing much greater comfort for patients. The effect of piezo apparatus is based on piezoelectric and ultrasonic three-dimensional microvibrations, without the use of rotary drills and milling machines, which represents a completely  non traumatic method of processing bone and results in a much less postoperative swelling.

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