If you are unsure about travelling overseas for dental work because you think it is the hassle, you will be amazed at just how easy it is and how beautiful it could be.

Montenegro is a wonderful destination for a short escape: it has beaches, mountains, and history to offer (Visit official website for Montenegro tourism).  You can book very cheap flights from some European cities, so you can come for a long week-end, know us, get your FREE initial consultation with OPG X-Ray and treatment plan and decide. If you choose to go ahead, you will go home with your new teeth after an unforgettable week-end of dental tourism.

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      Step 1. Contact us

You could contact us via E-mail (info@drkostic.com) or phone, Viber, WhatsApp (+382 67 62 22 22) . You can send us any X-Ray, previous quote or detailed explanation of your problem to help us give you a quote of the most appropriate plan. If you have already been given a suggested treatment plan by your regular dentist, we can quote ‘like for like’. We will send you a detailed proposal, explaining your treatment options and prices. Decide when you would like to travel to Montenegro and contact us. We will arrange an appointment with you.

   Step 2. Travel arrangements

We can take care of as much or as little of your journey as you wish. We have some Packages but we are also happy to individually tailor your travel arrangements. If you prefer to do your travel arrangements on your own, for your information you could have a look on our pages Flights and Accommodation.

     Step 3. Arrival in Montenegro

Upon arrival at the airport in Montenegro you will be greeted by one of our friendly English speaking members of staff (translators will be provided for other languages). S/he will take you to your accommodation or Dr Kostić clinic depending on your chosen schedule. The transfers from and to airport are offered free of charge. We will give you a mobile phone with all your key contacts pre-programmed in and with internet access. You will keep it for the duration of your stay.

     Step 4. Staying in Montenegro

Your treatment plan will be agreed in advance and depending on your appointments within the clinic we could help you to have most of your staying in Montenegro. In the case of implant placement, you will have a treatment on the day of your arrival and control next morning and there will be no need to visit clinic until the gum has healed completely in few months time. You will have to make a second visit to have provisional teeth substituted by a definitive prosthesis adapted to your new mouth and designed to optimize your bite.

     Step 5. Dental guarantee

We provide the highest level of aftercare. In the unlikely event of a problem with the materials used, Dr Kostic will cover the replacement and any treatments needed. If you want to know more about the aftercare check out our Dental Guarantee page where we explain what is covered and what happens should you need further treatment.

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